Sunday, 27 May 2007

History of the Sacha Lineage (Part 8, end)

The mahasamadhi of Sacha Baba Kulanandji
According to a popular saying, all good things must come to an end. Perhaps in this way God wants to incite us to keep on going forward rather that getting attached to a particular situation, however marvellous it may be, as long as we have not yet returned to our Heavenly father’s house. So one September day in 1983, disaster struck his disciples and all those who love true spirituality when just after the Janmasthami festival which celebrates the great avatar Shri Krishna’s anniversary, and which was also Sacha Baba’s, the great saint left our world definitively after a short illness which had not at all seemed serious. Everyone was at first stupefied, then became despondent. Maharajji and the other disciples organized the funeral rites in homage of the incarnation of God who had so brilliantly illuminated our horizons.

He had taken care of the future
He left behind him excellent disciples, certain of whom created ashrams to carry on the teachings and ideals of love, light and universal fbrotherhood of their Master. The torch of the Sacha Mission was taken up by Maharajji so as to continue this work of awakening hearts and consciousness. We have already spoken about his work, and that of those who help him in this formidable task: this is to be found in the very first article of the site and is entitled “Shri Hans Raj Maharajji” which you can find in the topic “Introducing Maharajji”. (End)

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