Sunday, 6 May 2007

History of the Sacha Lineage (Part 2)

Kacha Baba, a life dedicated to serving men

Kacha Baba was an extraordinary saint. Although he deplored the degenerate state of humanity, he had profound love for all beings. He had an ashram in Jalhupur and was surrounded by disciples. All his life, he worked ardently to raise the consciousness of the entire humanity. His work concerned both the material and spiritual well-being of men, for like all true saints, he knew that one had to live a balanced life by giving each thing the right importance. He was blind but people say that he moved around like everybody else, as if he did not have that disability. He had no need at all for for a guide or a walking stick to find his way.

He was given the name Kacha Baba because he ate only raw food. The story is told that one day he asked a man to bring him some food. This man went home and asked his wife to quickly prepare some delicious food for the great saint. After some time, as the food took a long time to come, Kacha Baba went to the man’s home and the man then understood, but a bit too late, that Kacha Baba only wanted uncooked food. He therefore gave him the food he wanted. A few moments later, the man’s wife discovered that her kitchen was filled with many delicious dishes which had appeared out of nowhere ! (Continued in Part 3)


vajinder said...

hai i am vajinder bhatnagar(babllu)
i am nippeu of baldev ji. i am belong the sacha dham on my birth. mane apane bachpan ka kafi time sacha dham asram me gujra hai. jab me chota hota tha to apni dadi(baldev ji ke mata ji)ke sath asram jata tha asram me muje bhout anand ata tha

richa said...

hi i am bavy.I guess that were my good deeds that i met sache baba and maharaj ji.i had spend lot of my holidays in ashram.but after my marriage i was not able to go ashram regularly but then also maharaj ji is with me in every moment of my life.due to which i never need to go ashram regularly.