Sunday, 13 May 2007

History of the Sacha Lineage (Part 4)

The well-being of the people

Girnari Baba also cared a lot about poor people, and so he enjoined Maharajas and those who had any power at all to see to the well-being of the people they were in charge of. He was goodness itself. For example, during the Ardh-Khumba Mela in 1936 and the Maha-Khumbha Mela in 1942 in Allahabad which gathered millions of pilgrims as it usually did, there were crowds which came everyday to Girnari’s temporary camp. They came for the free meals, and among this large number of people, some asked for blankets, since the Khumba Mela is usually held in January or February when it is very cold in Allahabad. What is strange is that the divine Master managed to feed all those people and give out blankets to all those who asked for them, while no one knew where he got the money from to buy those things. The story is also told how he went to a a region in India which had been suffering from drought for a very long time, causing devastating famine. Girnari Baba spoke to the people there, gave specific advice and made it rain regularly so that this region became prosperous.

A great Siddha

Eminent saints in India acknowledged that he was a great Rishi and Siddha. That is perhaps one of the reasons why he was chosen to be president of the Fakiri Parliament, which was an assembly of Hindu and Muslim saints whose aim was to instil spiritual values into the society. He presided over the destiny of this prestigious assembly for about twenty-five years until he left this world. Having foreseen the Second World War which was about to start off, he tried to shorten the period it would last for, and lessen its effects on the whole world. (Continued in Part 5)

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