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History of the Sacha Lineage (Part 7)

Sacha Baba Kulanandaji and his disciples
One of the first things he insisted on was that his disciples should remain in society while carrying out their sadhana. Concerning this he said, “It is the destiny of each individual to work”. He thought it was not honest in a hard-working country like India, to definitively go away to a forest or a cave under the pretext that one was trying to find God. According to him “each of man’s actions should be united to God” and so even in the middle of daily action, in one’s work, one’s family, one progresses spiritually, for then everything is done for God and not out of personal interests. It may be stressed here that the divine Master did not exclude short spiritual retreats form time to time, but he did not want seekers to indefinitely cut themselves off from the world. Quoting the Bhagavad Gita, he often said “Perfection in action is yoga” thus stressing spiritual perfection which is reached through right and entirely selfless action, always dedicated to God. This is the very basis of Karma Yoga. However, his teachings went beyond this particular path, for he was also a being of profound devotion and perfect love for all beings. In fact, like all accomplished Masters, he was at the junction of all paths which he had united within himself through his high spiritual state.

Spiritual faculties belong to God
He also warned the disciple against catering to his ego, in particular when some of his spiritual faculties start working. He reminded him that these faculties belong to God and not to the disciple who only benefits from them. If he thinks that they are his and that he has become an important person, then not only will he lose everything but he will also put an end to his spiritual growth. His fall will be that of one who is unable to resist the temptation of pride.

An alchemist of souls
Sacha Baba Kulananandji had an extraordinary effect on each disciple because he was the living incarnation of God. In a preceding article, we have already spoken about the case of Shri Hans Raj Maharajji who came to him as a simple patient to be healed of a devastating illness which had been sapping his strength for a long time, and who became enlightened on the very next day after coming to the Master. There is also this teacher who was looking for a spiritual Master and who hurried to meet Sacha Baba when he was told about him. When the Master saw him coming, he said, “Close your eyes” and the teacher obeyed. A bright light then appeared to him, lasting for about fifteen minutes. When he opened his eyes at last, important changes had taken place in his consciousness, and he became an ardent disciple of the Master. Sacha Baba was a true divine alchemist who possessed the key to the soul of each living being who came to him. He turned it when he judged the time was right, for he could read each person like an open book.

God's Great Plan
Going beyond his disciples, he saw the great Plan of God which includes the entire humanity and has always brought men towards more perfection in all domains down the ages. He had especially come down from the high planes to participate in a powerful way in the accomplishment of this great Plan. (Continued in Part 8)

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I find this article (all the parts on the Sacha lineage) very interesting, and it is good to know that the world has not been left to struggle on is own, but that there are highly developed people who help to set the world right. I am impressed by the fact that God has a plan for humanity.