Wednesday, 9 May 2007

History of the Sacha Lineage (Part 3)

Girnari Baba and the transformation of men

After Girnari Baba had received Kacha Baba’s powers, he continued his spiritual work all over India where he constantly travelled. Not only did he work for the spiritual upliftment of the people, but also for the improvement of living conditions in India and in the whole world. Many years before the Second World War, Girnari Baba told certain political leaders that a great spiritual transformation was about to begin and that it was necessary for men as well as nations to turn to God. He explained to them that life in our physical world was only the shadow of life in the spiritual world. Consequently, if men did not follow spiritual truth, there would be no harmony between these two worlds, and this would result in ignorance concerning divine wisdom with its consequences such as disorder, wars, illnesses, poverty and the whole range of suffering which unfortunately afflict man here below. Unfortunately, what he said was not taken seriously enough.

Invisible work

It must be stressed here that a Master does not need to travel physically from country to country to touch the entire humanity. He does this quite simply from the high spiritual planes on which humanity is one being. This is done through instant inner harmonisation with these planes, and consequently, it will never be a spectacular thing which disciples or the average man can see.

The Gayatri Mantra

It is said that Girnari Baba used the Gayatri Mantra a great deal for the training of his disciples. It dates from the times of the Veda and possesses great transforming powers. But one cannot reduce the spiritual food a true Master gives his disciples to just one instrument, important though it may be. Indeed, in a way the Master is like a mother who brings up her child; there is, of course, the basic food for the family, but depending on the child’s health or his period of growth, she also gives him many other types of specific food which play an important preventive and curative role in his health and growth.

Tilling the soil
Let us remember that most of what a Master does for his disciple is not known by the latter, for the Master always works for the welfare of his student on high planes. The only thing he notices from time to time, provided that he follows his sadhana correctly, is that added to the usual slow progress, there is some unexpected progress. Naturally, the student should not think that only his sadhana brings about this result. His sadhana does indeed help him to make progress, but it is not the most important factor for enlightenment.

However, if this sadhana had not existed, there would have been no progress at all, for its purpose is essentially to prepare the student by raising his consciousness to the minimum required, and by purifying his subtle bodies so as to receive safely , the powerful energy which his Master will pour upon him when the “soil” is ready. One could therefore say, like mathematicians, that a sadhana followed carefully is a necessary condition, but is not enough where the essential stages of spiritual progress are concerned. Maharajji has declared several times that in order to attain realization, the student must do his sadhana perfectly and at the same time have a deep inner connection with his Master. This sadhana and heart to heart connection with the Master is like, in a way, the work of farmers who till the soil before planting ... (Continued in Part 4.)

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