Sunday, 3 June 2007

How To be Useful?

The Solid Foundations
We have just given the story of the Sacha lineage according to tradition. The illustrious Masters who showed the way, Kacha Baba, Sacha Baba Girnari, and Sacha Baba Kulanandji have laid the solid foundations on which the Temple of a new era can be built. Their work, on the inner planes, certainly reached the whole world, but the people in countries other than India did not at all know about such an undertaking and so they could not consciously cooperate. Today, under Maharajji’s guidance and according to Sacha Baba Kulanandji’s predictions, this work will be be known all over the world.

Which Direction Will Humanity Take?
As we have said in a preceding article, disciples came from the five continents from the 1980s to be guided by Maharajji, although there had never ever been any publicity about him or any book written. Today, the work of his disciples and of all men of goodwill, while carrying out their spiritual training, is to help Maharajji by informing everyone that this important cycle of the transformation of consciousness and hearts has started. Indeed, it is important for men to know for it is up to us, both individually and collectively, to decide whether we want to enter a civilization governed by light, wisdom, love and brotherhood. On the contrary, we can decide to continue in the present direction, which is leading us little by little to the precipice because of our ignorance and its consequences which are selfishness, injustice and all kinds of violence, be they physical or moral.

Creating a Worldwide Good Climate
By informing a large number of people in the world and creating in this way the desire of men and women of goodwill to follow a sadhana which they themselves have freely chosen, a good atmosphere will be created which will greatly contribute to the success of this undertaking and consequently to the plans of the Great Beings. This is so because it is well known that when several people get together with the same spiritual intention, this meeting in itself automatically brings down divine assistance. We remember that for the sadhana Maharajji recommends that each person should start off by doing an hour a day whether in prayer, meditation or the reciting of a mantra. Later on he can spend more time on it, depending on his inner needs.

Each person, wherever he is, must try to understand that it is his duty out of love for himself and for all beings to turn to his soul so as to use its wisdom, love and spiritual power for the benefit of all.

Peace, as Elusive as the Wind
Maharajji once said,
“If your perspective changes, every action becomes worship. You see God in everything and everyone and at the same time your lower nature is transformed in a positive way.”
We all have an urgent need to change the perspective from which we have considered life up until now. Some of us have been satisfied to just live a life where one tries to find happiness according to the way society defines it. Other believe that getting as much material riches as possible will bring them happiness and peace. Yet others have looked for this happiness and peace through fame, intellectual erudition or by other means. And we all discover bitterly, that unfortunately this is not the case, for if one day our situation satisfies us, the following day this satisfaction disappears. Happiness and peace of heart seem to slip away indefinitely, playing hide and seek with us. Each of these directions seems to lead to a dead-end. And finally, all of them are only some of the many ways in which the mind, not receiving any light from the heart, plays tricks on men, dangling things in front of them which, in fact, are only mirages...

The Hidden Treasure
We must admit that only our souls possess the key to our happiness. As for material things, we must put them in their rightful place, for the Sacha lineage is neither for asceticism, which is destructive and arid nor for unbridled materialism, which is a source of attachment and suffering. Intellectual knowledge had greatly contributed to our scientific and cultural progress, and so is praiseworthy. However this intellectual knowledge by itself cannot be an end in itself, otherwise it will lead us away from our inner divinity. Is it not said that the uncontrolled mind is the slayer of the Real? In our quest for the only true treasures in life i.e. wisdom, happiness and peace, we have forgotten one basic thing, which is that a part of us is human and is made up of our personality, while the other part is divine and is our soul, our atma. To neglect one of these parts to the detriment of the other can only lead to an unbalanced state. Aren’t two legs needed to walk?

The Perfect Way
It is therefore obvious that one must follow the middle way in everything if one want to act wisely and make sure progress. And it is the way of the heart that Maharajji recommends, the heart being the centre of gravity in man, where he meets himself in his essential aspect and where he finds inner peace which is rightly called “the peace of heart”. There, he also meets his human brothers and his God in love and no longer in confrontation, and then, as the Bible says, his joy is perfect, the perfect joy which Indians call ananda, i.e. bliss and which is said to be a part of the very essence of man. One should therefore be able to find it if one knows how to search in the right place.

Speaking about the Sacha lineage, Maharajji one day said,
“The sun has risen over India so that the entire humanity will find happiness. For this, you and I need to be idealistic. That is the Will of God, that is my promise and my work.”
If, on the wings of noble ideals we contribute to bringing light and peace to all men, in spite of the many obstacles on the path, we will be sure to succeed, without the slightest shadow of a doubt, for our hearts will work in unison with That of God’s!

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