Saturday, 28 April 2007

Tea For One Hundred People (S., India)

In the beginning, when Maharajji used to visit my city Jagraon, he would give satsangs in different houses of devotees. One day, he said to my father,
“I will come to your house to give a satsang there”
“I have no space because my house is too small !” replied my father.
“I will only take up a little space”
“No, I have no space” replied my father, who did not agree to this .
“So I will come alone” said Maharajji.
“Under this condition it is Ok” concluded my father.

After few days, Maharajji came to our house and he sat in our guest room. Then he said to my father,
“Hey, look, you say that you have no space but I have taken up very little space”.
A little later, Maharajji added :
“I will go onto the roof of your house for a certain time”.
So he went onto the roof which was like a terrace.
Our neighbours saw him on the roof and came to our house to have his darshan. Shortly after that Maharjji started the satsang and about hundred people came to attend this satsang on the roof. Maharajji asked my mother to give chai to all these people especially as we were in winter. I must explain that in India, what we call chai is usually prepared with about two-thirds tea and one-third milk. This is the way Indians make tea. But the problem was that we had only around one litre of milk at home and normally, it was far insufficient to prepare chai for all these people. But she accepted to prepare this chai without telling Maharajji about the milk.

Surprisingly, she was able to prepare the chai for all the people with this little quantity of milk while keeping to the proportions of one third of milk to two thirds of tea for each of the participants. This feat was due to Maharajji’s grace.

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