Monday, 23 April 2007

Are There Still Saints in India? Part 2

Oh, my God, this man is a true saint !

I was quite surprised because the next morning when I went to his room, I saw the shivaling, symbolising the cosmic creation of the universe, which is on the mantelpiece in his room, and I had a feeling that somehow Mahatma Hans Rajji had been able to stop my mind and give me an answer to the second question I had asked the day before, within my own mind. So I stayed at the ashram for three days. I wanted to stay longer but then Mahatma Hans Rajji told me later on that I should go back to Delhi and then he would answer my first question regarding the existence of saints in India nowadays.

I went back to Delhi, and within a week, on a Sunday afternoon after having lunch, I lay down for a snooze - an afternoon siesta. Suddenly, I saw that my own consciousness had been drawn back into Mahatma Hans Rajji’s room in Rishikeskh. I saw Mahatma Hans Rajji sitting on his bed as usual and his entire body became light. And in that light I saw Guru Nanak there. I was shocked. Suddenly I opened my eyes in my afternoon siesta, and I woke up. And I said, “Oh my God! This man is a true saint! How can he catch my consciousness in Delhi and bring it to his room in Rishikesh?”

So as soon as I could, after two or three days I caught a bus and came back to Rishikesh and I told Mahatma Hans Rajji that I wanted to be initiated. He replied that he would do so, but he first had to go to Dehradun. As promised, I was initiated by Mahatma Hans Rajji when he came back. He gave me a particular mantra, as well as specific recommendations concerning this mantra. (Continued in Part 3)

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