Monday, 23 April 2007

Selective Rain (Gandhi, India)

Some time in the past, Maharajji used to come regularly to Punjab where he gave satsangs. One evening, one of the satsangs took place at one of my brothers’ house, which was far away.
But unfortunately it started to rain very heavily in the town during the satsang. My wife and I were at a complete loss because we had left the wheat to dry outside in the yard. My wife asked me to go and put this wheat away because not only was it going to get wet, but the water running through the yard would wash it away if we did nothing. But I found the atmosphere at the satsang so captivating that I did not want to miss one word of what Maharajji was saying. I therefore retorted that it was raining so hard, and the house was so far away that however hard I tried, I would still arrive too late; and not only was the wheat already spoilt, but I would also lose the spiritual manna that the Guru was giving out. I had carefully weighed up the situation and had chosen to lose the wheat and keep the Master’s spiritual food. So I stayed until the end of Maharajji’s talk.
Then we went back home to see what damage had been done. And, to our surprise, the wheat was still there, perfectly dry and not a grain was missing. It had rained all around it and the ground was drenched, but some mysterious force had protected just the spot where the wheat was ! So we hurried and put it away - the wheat which had caused us so much worry. And as soon as we had finished, heavy rain poured down again, but this time it no longer spared the place where the wheat had been drying a few seconds before!
Later on, when I was alone with Maharajji I reported these strange happenings and the miracle which had taken place. He touched me on my head and added,
“Hush! It’s a secret and make sure you tell no one about it. When you were at the satsang you were doing my work - work for the Sacha Mission and work for God Almighty. It was therefore my duty to do something for you !”

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