Tuesday 22 October 2013

Sacha Baba Hans Raj Maharajji, the Embodiment of Love

                                                Sacha Baba Maharajji

Through love for humanity, Sacha Baba Maharajji worked for for many long years assisting humanity in bringing about a rise in the consciousness of man more rapidly in a peaceful, harmonious way, for otherwise the transition period would cause a lot of suffering : “My main work is in the Universal Soul for the good of humanity,” he said in the 1980s. 

Fourth Avatar in the lineage of Sacha Masters for the present cycle of work, he led the spiritual work of helping humanity to not only improve day to day living conditions (finding food and material necessities etc.) but also to reach a higher level of consciousness so as to be in harmony with the new energies coming onto the planet. Indeed, in order to survive in the new spiritual environment, our being has to learn to adapt to the new era.

Some extracts from his speeches to this effect :
This is now the time of Divine Transformation, the awakening of consciousness on Earth. This is destined to happen, for it is the next step in the evolution of humanity on this planet.” “Harmonize yourselves with this transformation.” [8th July 2008] “ For these last thirty years, I have constantly been advising you to pray to God for at least an hour a day. My mission has nothing to do with any religion at all. It mainly consists in turning humanity to God, for that is the ultimate aim in life.” [21st July 2005]
We have to bring about the change in ourselves first, and then this change will have an effect on others also.” [2003]
You have to do some sadhana (spiritual practice). Each religion has its own form of sadhana, but all these sadhanas lead to one spiritual ground. So you may follow any sadhana you like, but above all do it with your heart.” [Christmas 1999] “The heart is one. Love is God. Love is the heart.” “If you always contemplate the Guru and connect heart to heart, then the change in you or anybody else can take place, through the heart. But if you do not connect from the heart, it is not possible to get this rise in consciousness by connecting through the mind, the intellect. You will not be able to bring about the Change, the Parivartan in yourselves or in anybody.” [2003]
While Sacha Baba Maharajji continues his assistance to humanity from the higher plains, the Masters and disciples of the Sacha lineage, each to his capacity, also continue helping humanity so that we may reach the goal.

Tuesday 25 October 2011

Maharajji Sacha Baba's Mahasamadhi

Brothers and sisters,

On Sunday 23rd October 2011 in the morning, the great saint and Mahatma, our beloved Master Shri Hans Raj Maharajji Sacha Baba left his body at the age of 89. A few days earlier, he had been suffering from a slight infection and had been admitted to a hospital in Dehradun.

His leaving this plane has brought great emotion and sadness to the whole community of disciples and to all those who knew him, for everyone knows how much he was love and compassion, and that he only lived for the Common Good. Maharajji was simplicity, love and grace united in one being.

On that same morning of 23rd October, his body was brought back to his ashram, Sacha Dham, and exposed in the great hall, decorated with flowers. Everyone was thus able to come and pranam, renew their love and devotion to the divine Guru who has served us all well. At the same time, the choir of disciples continually sang the powerful mantra Prabhu Aapa Jago. The last funeral and religious rites took place the following day, on Monday.

A special ceremony is to take place on 6th and 7th November during which disciples and friends from all over India and abroad will pay a vibrant homage to the holy Master.

After his enlightenment, which happened in exceptional conditions in October 1955, this great saint has thus spent fifty-six years serving God, his Master Sacha Baba Kulanandji and humanity. Maharajji Sacha Baba only lived for one goal — that humanity should turn to God through the path that each person would choose. He has always said that all religions lead to the same goal which is this same God, whatever the name each religion gives Him. So Maharajji Sacha Baba has never practised proselytism for any particular religion, for he often used to say, “Everyone has a heart, which is the seat of love; love is universal. And love is God, Who is universal.” For him, if a man listens to his heart, he will find God. But if he only listens to his mind, then he will take the wrong path.

So the divine torchbearer of the Sacha lineage has left for the higher plains, but we are certainly sure that from these high plains, he will continue to work for the transformaton of humanity and his disciples. Each of us will be able to continue benefiting from his holy guidance and assistance as long as our hearts are in harmony with him. May our faith and devotion in him shine like the indelible link which joins us to his divine grace forever!

Jay Maharajji Sacha Baba !

Thursday 20 October 2011

Gurupurnima 2011

Summary of Maharajji's speech, July 15th

My people!

I have just one thing to say, it is necessary to bring God into your life. He is the only doer. Whatever effort you make, the Guru wants you to do it for Paramatman [cosmic Spirit, God]. You must understand. You should follow your own path. He will show you the way. The time today is such that it is like a dark, moonless night.

Now Parivartan [the spiritual rise in consciousness] is taking place. Remember, in the Sacha lineage after me, there will be two more Avatars in the future [Maharajji has not said exactly when in the future these Avatars will come. Is it just after him or later on, we do not know]. Then the Parivartan will be entirely fulfilled. How much of the world will remain, how many of the people will be wiped out from this world? All those who remain will be those who are devoted to Paramatman. What I am saying applies not just to India, but to the entire world.

This Kali Yuga is very simple, if only you chant "RAM RAM", the Name of God, you will be able to go through it easily. All sins of past, present and future lifetimes will be wiped away. But we don’t give priority to Paramatman. Whoever comes to me tells me, “I have this problem, that problem etc.”. Hardly anybody uptil today has come to ask for Paramatman. Whatever they ask for, I always pray for it; but the samsara [the almost endless cycle of rebirth and death till man attains liberation] keeps on expanding.

No one has managed to control this world and no one will, because whatever one’s actions are, that very fruit he will reap. If there are four brothers in a house, then the karma of each will be different. Even if all four live together lovingly and eat together, still the karma of all four is different. But if all four chant the Name of Paramatman even for an hour [a day], then their sins will be wiped away and they’ll attain moksha [liberation]. reaping in that way the fruit of that spiritual practice. But people want only samsara, and they go deeper into it, thus accumulating “dust” for many lifetimes.

We should at least think about where we are going and for what we are going. After a short time [of sadhana] people go off the path, because they have no wisdom.

Later Satya Yuga (the era of wisdom) will come. The world will keep on its flow. However today if by misfortune someone does not chant The Name of God, then he also will have to leave this world [because he will not be in harmony with the Divine Energies which are coming down on earth in this Parivartan cycle]. Human life is itself a chance. And there is no second chance.

Follow your religion seriously. The major religions, for example, all have different paths, but all lead to God. And all those who practise these religions sincerely attain union with God, whatever their social class.

In India there are many Gurus, you can easily choose one. If you don´t find Paramatman with one, you can find Him with someone else. And whether you find a Guru or not, follow the one in whom you have faith.

You should give up everything for 1-2 hours daily and chant the Name of Paramatman. If it becomes a habit then you will start doing it lovingly later on. You will grow love in your Heart for Paramatman.

Wake Up!

You should wake up early in the morning and chant the Name of Paramatman for 1-2 hours. And the rest of the time you can eat, sleep and work hard. The circle of maya (illusion) is weak in the beginning but later it grows hard like iron [if you don't have a steady spiritual practice]. It won´t break. If you tell an old man to say “RAM RAM”, he’ll say “go and tell someone else” [if he has been used to living without steady spiritual practice].

Time is passing, the sun will rise and set, it will do its work. The higher powers will continue doing their work whether we reach the goal or not. Therefore I won’t say much, I just say that you should devote some time to Paramatman, Whoever your Paramatman is, with form or without. Some people have faith in Allah. If they have faith by heart, when they rise up spiritually, there is then no distinction [between these devotees and those of other religions who also rise up spiritually]. Paramatman of all religions and people is One only. All people have similar organs. God has given to everyone intellect and strength.

Although I speak and speak [year after year], people still don’t understand. Therefore they get all kind of sorrows. So devote 1-2 hours daily [to avoid these trials and sorrows in your life]. In the morning after having a bath, or without a bath, sit and chant God’s Name. Usually people have a bath and then go to their shop. They [only] keep the shop in their mind.

It is up to you, nobody is forcing you . Whether you like or not, just sit. After a while or after two days you'll start liking it. Slowly slowly you will leave samsara behind. [Maharajji never forces anybody; he only gives wise guidance and let people freely follow it or not]

Permeated by Divine Light at Jageshwar (Premi, India)

In 2010, my wife and I decided to make a visit to Uttrakhand, Matkanya in order to have darshan of the jyotir shiva linga at Jageshwar, one of the twelve oldest shivalinga sites in india which Markenday Rishi and Adishankaracharya had visited, from where you can also see the entire range of the snow capped Himalaya mountains stretching from India to Nepal.

Before this visit my wife and I had darshan of Sacha Baba Mahatma Hans Raj ji at Laxmanjhula, and I informed him of the shaktipath he had done to me in 1996 in my room at midnight and we discussed the "swayambhu" divine light experience of Sat-Chit-Anand, divine existence, peace, love, conscious-awareness, bliss-joy.

This experience had made me to take up research in the swayambhu and satchidanand. I discovered that Guru Nanak explained this in his loolmantra as "saibhang" and Buddha referred to this to Maitrei who had established the swayambhu stupa by draining out the water from the Kathmandu valley in Nepal. I also studied the scientific work of Einstein on cosmology and discovered the scientific concept in the theory which he postulated as the "cosmological constant" of this universal phenomenon and its equation which is used in the quantum theory. I also discovered the "absolute horizon" concept of Nobel prize winner Subrahmanyan Chandrashekar in his study of the black hole phenomema in the universe along with the creation of stars and collapse of stars. Both these concepts lead to not only universe but multi-verses phenomena which are in line with with vedic thought of 10,000 realms or 3000 realms of existence plains in buddhistic thought. Einstein has clearly said that for an expanding universe the cosmological constant is required which never changes as it is the fulcrum substratum on which the wheel of the universe rotates and changes continuously.

This is is the "swayambhu" of Mahatma Hans Raj ji, other saints and mystics and which is present throughout the universe and in each and every individual but as superconductivity permeation. In that way it sustains all change in nature. Even in the Gita Lord Krisna has stated the two levels of his existential phenomena, one the lower which is the ever changing natural phenomena which is supported on the unchanging , unborn, eternal phenomena. Thus the swayambu satchidanand principle of saints and the cosmological constant of scientific physicists is one and the same. This is the meeting point for atheists, scientists and mystic saints. In the case of saints they can grant you the experience of swayanbhu satchidanand, the cosmological constant, whereas in the scientists case it is a derived mental observation and hypothesis of the universe, they cannot grant you the experience of the cosmological constant, absolute horizon— the swayambhu satchidanand.

I give below once again the experience granted to me by Sacha Baba Mahatma Hansrajji in 1996 through his divine light swayambhu satchidanand body in 1996 in English:
When the guru's grace dawns
The breath and mind stop
Bindu(reddness) and sunyatha (spaceless-space) occur
and then the being of light swayambhu occurs
flashing forth in all its divine glory throughout in consciousness-awareness and embracing all in divine love.

The swayambhu divine light says that
"I am a circle without a circumference whose centre is everywhere, and if you try to find my centre with the ego-centric mind then I am apparently nowhere, yet I am everywhere", hence the need to give up ego centric thinking and to surrender totally in heart and mind — as Sacha Baba says he /she who surrenders onto me, to him/her do I do yogshem (draw in and protect).

The entry of the divine swayambhu light in one’s being is portionate to The amount or extent of surrender in heart and mind.

Thus the following Gita sayings as received by my soul from gurudev's swayambhic soul are:
1. Thou art unborn, eternal and never are you born and thus you never die.
2.He/she who surrenders to me (Sacha Baba), him/her I draw in and protect — yogshem.
3.He /she who gives up his/her heart and mind to me comes to abide and rest in me (Sacha Baba's satchidanand swayambhuic state or soul)
4.Leave all the other ways and means you have heard of, just seek my shelter and protection and I will free you from all your sufferings, struggles, tribulations both physical and mental, I will bestow on you moksha, spiritual freedom, do not fear.

The swayambhic divine light of Sacha Baba Hansrajji says: "Never was there a time when I was not, never will there be a time when I will not be, many a time comes when even time is not (in total withdrawal of universal phenomena), yet I am forever."

When staying in Jageshwar, Matkanya I came out of my room at 2 a.m. at night and stood in the garden with the clear bright moonshine shining on me, I looked up to the heavenly stars shining down on me, and in the stillness of that divine moment Sacha Baba Mahatma Hansrajji manifested through the moonlight and permeated my whole being in a superconductive way.

Jai Guru Dev!

Sunday 1 August 2010

Guru Purnima 2010 at Sacha Dham

Sacha Dham Packed Full
Sunday 25th July 2010 was a special day in India, for it was Guru Day, Masters day. And in India the Guru is such a central person in the thoughts and life of a Hindu that each family has a Guru.

This marvellous festival was celebrated at Sacha Dham ashram in Risikesh, in honour of our beloved Master Shri Hans Raj Maharajji Sacha Baba — the Guru Purnima festival. As usual, on this occasion the ashram was packed full, for many of the Master’s disciples had come from every region for this solemn event. They were about two thousand. They had come to honour and thank their Master for all he had given them and will continue to give, in particular — spiritual light.

At this special event there was a puja (prayer) in the ashram temple and the whole atmosphere was permeated with divinity. Love and devotion reinforce the mutual links between Maharajji and his children. The Master shed his holy blessings on all his disciples — both those present and absent.

At the end of this special puja, Maharajji spoke to his disciples about the perils which humanity has to face in this Parivartan cycle (cycle of transformation in hearts and consciousness) which has begun.

Lunch was a bandhara or brotherly meal of which all partook in a joyous atmosphere.

The Most Powerful Links
It is said that the links between Master and disciple are the most powerful and solid links in this world. Indeed, they are links which continue in each life. When one reads, for example, the book Shri Hans Raj Maharajji and the Dawn of a New Consciousness, one is struck by certain stories which say that when certain disciples met Maharajji for the first time in this life, they definitely had the impression that they knew him already from past lives. This is due to the fact that when a disciple is incarnated, if his Master also is, then divine laws come into action so that they meet again.

This is perhaps one of the reasons why Sacha Baba Kulanandji, Maharajji’s Master one day said that Maharajji’s disciples, who live all over the world, would come to him. He had said that at a time when Maharajji did not yet have one single foreign disciple. But today, come to Sacha Dham, especially in autumn or spring and you will see the many disciples from all five continents.

A Priceless Treasure
It is a special blessing to have a Master, for no one but the Guru can give all that he gives. Not only does he progressively raise his protégé’s level of consciousness with love and compassion, but he also spares from him thousands of useless trials and suffering. The student will, of course, have to undergo certain trials, but quite often the Master has already made them lighter, even if, from the student’s point of view, what remains of these tests is just as difficult to bear. But through trials one learns a lot and it would not be wise to spare someone from all tests. This is true in both the secular and the spiritual world. Above all, the Master is the one who will one day bestow enlightenment and the treasures of God on his disciple when the latter is ready.

However let us never forget, Maharajji's and the Sacha Lineage’s work goes beyond his disciples for it concerns the evolution of the entire humanity, particularly in this period of the Parivartan or period of the transformation of hearts and consciousness which is now beginning.

Let us say with love and devotion,
Glory to Maharajji, Glory to the Guru, Glory to he who is one with God, Glory to he who is God!

Om Shri Sache Maha Prabhu Ki - Jay Ho !

Wednesday 30 June 2010

Realization Without the Help of a Master?

This question comes up frequently, for certain seekers on the path of light claim that one does not need a Master to attain spiritual realization. According to them, all one has to do is to choose a discipline from among those that are offered to the public. And they maintain that by practising this discipline with perseverance, one will inevitably reach the goal one day.

These men and women affirm with conviction that spirituality is a matter between God and man and that there is no need at all for an intermediary. But let us say right away that this last assertion is risky, to say the least, for who then had spoken to them about spirituality? Where had they learnt that there was something called spirituality? Even if they had eventually got it from someone close to them, hadn’t it come directly or indirectly through messages from Great Prophets of the past? In any case, God Himself did not appear to them to tell them to follow that path!

Continuity of the Divine Message
But they feel that they know enough for them not to follow a living Master who is also a Prophet and who, in truth, continues the work of the Prophets of the past. Indeed, Maharajji has said several times that all true saints (meaning those who have attained divine realization), whatever path they had followed before their enlightenment, are one, for they are definitively united with God. From then on, in order to help other men attain the same magnificent goal, which is the aim of all that exists (even stones, plants and animals), these saints all receive the same message which, adapted to the level of evolution of the epoch and culture of each nation, becomes the religion of that nation. However, men, in their blindness and separative attitude, think that only their religion is the true one, and make war on other nations who have other beliefs, or make fun of them.

Necessity to Hear the Guide
Spirituality is indeed a matter between man and God. But are those men able, at the level of evolution that they have reached, to hear or see the instructions that God would give them? Wouldn’t it be perilous to follow a path while being directed by someone whose instructions one can neither see nor hear? And is it not logical to think that God has appointed ministers or intermediaries who can speak the same language as those they speak to? What ordinary citizen speaks directly to the Head of state for business with government offices, schooling, medical care etc.? If our Heads of state work through ministers and numerous civil servants and agents, how could man, arrogant as he is, think that he can speak directly to the infinite God for instructions?

One thing is sure: these same men will never say that if you want to reach a level in mathematics (or any other academic subject) which is as high as someone with a university diploma, you do not need qualified teachers. And why would they not say that? Because they had gone to school and had seen how much it was difficult for example, to solve certain equations in algebra. So when they remember how they had often toiled over those exercises, they will never underestimate the more than necessary help from a competent teacher.

The Path — a Hard Battlefield
Do they know that spiritual progress raises even more difficult equations to solve than mathematical ones or exercises in any other academic subject? Do they know that one of these equations is called purifying the consciousness of certain inclinations and bad entrenched tendencies (bad in the sense of what keeps one away from the Light, what prevents one from perceiving the Truth) and which the disciple cannot get rid of by himself ? Are they aware of this other equation which is first of all making the disciple’s karma lighter and then liberating him from it? And yet another one which is the judicious awakening and at the right time (and not in a disorderly or brutal way) of the different psychic centres? For the order in which they are awakened changes according to whether the disciple belongs to one or the other of the seven big groups of men which inhabit the planet; and the disciple does not know which group he belongs to.

Have they even thought about the fact that the disciple has to avoid falling into traps — and there are a lot of them — on the path? While it is up to him to avoid some of those traps, for others he will need the protection of the Master, for the disciple is not even aware that they exist. This is especially so for certain powerful forces which naturally try to impede the progress of all disciples so as to keep them in their present state of ignorance. And there are many other equations to solve, and not the least, for the path to liberation is a very hard battlefield. Do those who want to set off on this path on their own know the laws governing one’s being, so as to be able to lead their soul to the realization of God? The disciple does not know these laws whereas the Master does. That is why he is a true guide and in India, his highly respected name is Guru, i.e. he who leads from darkness (Gu) to light (Ru). Even this holy name has now been defiled and emptied of its meaning by some supposed gurus who have brought public condemnation upon true Instructors. But it is said that every cloud has a silver lining. Indeed, this state of affairs also helps to set up a guardian on the threshold of light so that those who are not yet ready and who listen to the murmurs of the world may not find the door to the Master...

Fruitful Cooperation
In our schools and universities, students have to learn lessons and do the exercises set by their teachers. Their progress results from teaching and guidance from a teacher on the one hand, and their own efforts on the other. In the spiritual domain that is also how things go. The Master does teach indeed, but the disciple has to put those teachings into practice in his daily life. However, there are aspects of his progress which do not depend on him, or at least which he cannot deal with alone, for he is not even aware that they exist.
But that is not all! A Master is able to give energy to a disciple at any time, so as to push his consciousness up to a higher level if he finds it necessary. It is similar to the case where the doctor gives tonic to a sick person.

Truly Like Childbirth
One can say that attaining divine realization is literally the birth of a spiritual man. And we know that to be born, at least in our age, we need parents. So who can say he was born by himself, without parents? We all know that the mother goes into labour and pushes while the baby is being born so that he can come into the world of men. In the same way, the Master pushes, so to speak, the disciple into the spiritual kingdom (the fifth) when he sees that his disciple is ready for this ultimate stage. To do so he uses his divine power to set off the disciple’s enlightenment. This energy is shaktipat, which the disciple does not possess, and therefore can never set off by himself. Isn’t the Master therefore indispensable?
But before we end, let us not forget the following for it may have a bearing on the topic we are dealing with. A true Master never wants anyone to be subjected to him. He does not try to dominate anyone, even his disciple. He only wants the latter to submit himself to his own inner God, which some call soul, for it is this inner God which must be revealed and come to power in one’s being when the ego or outer personality (the social man) characterized by ignorance and numerous limitations falls away … All the Master’s work consists in fostering the coming into power of this inner being.

And the disciple works towards that goal while living a normal life in society, with a job and a family. There is no need at all to go off and live in a monastery, an ashram etc. A true Master does not seek to keep his disciples with him all the time.

* * *

Monday 12 April 2010

What’s the Situation Today?

A big hello to you, our dear friends, brothers and sisters,

It has been over a year since we last published an article on this Blog. However, this is not because there was nothing to speak about, for during the past year, there have been celebrations like Guru Purnima, Prakash Diwash, Navaratri, Holi, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Basant Panchami and others like Holi a short time ago. All these festivals have one thing in common, and that is the victory of light over darkness.

A Major Turning Point in Humanity’s Life
On all these occasions, or practically all, our beloved Master Maharajji encouraged us, his disciples to show ourselves worthy of what God and the Masters expect of us in this particular period of humanity's life, which is a period of transition: this concerns the opportunity for all men to henceforth adopt a spiritual path and progressively turn away from materialism which has ruled humanity up till now. It is the Parivartan or the Transformation of hearts and consciousness.

The Heart, a Gateway to Everything Possible
Maharajji says that the aim of Man is to acquire divine Light. According to him, Man can succeed in doing so by relying on his heart and living according to its inspiration. He often says that everyone has a heart, the heart is the seat of Love and that Love is God. If Man lives through his heart and not following the commands of his purely terrestrial desires, to put it mildly, he will then find the divinity which lies within and will attain transcendence, perfection.

There is nothing as authentic, beautiful and simple as living through one’s heart. This causes a multitude of qualities to blossom out in a human being, and these qualities vie with one another in beauty — Love, being the highest of them all. To follow this path is to make the arid desert green, to bring invigorating warmth in winter, to give life to faded flowers, to bring the dead back to life. The path of the heart leads to the accomplishment and acquisition of the famous Chintamani stone which transforms life into what is even better than a fairytale. Above all, this path leads you to the very Heart of God, the centre of all the possibilities from which you can dry the tears of your human brothers and sisters, heal their illnesses and bestow joy and immortality on them.