Thursday, 20 October 2011

Permeated by Divine Light at Jageshwar (Premi, India)

In 2010, my wife and I decided to make a visit to Uttrakhand, Matkanya in order to have darshan of the jyotir shiva linga at Jageshwar, one of the twelve oldest shivalinga sites in india which Markenday Rishi and Adishankaracharya had visited, from where you can also see the entire range of the snow capped Himalaya mountains stretching from India to Nepal.

Before this visit my wife and I had darshan of Sacha Baba Mahatma Hans Raj ji at Laxmanjhula, and I informed him of the shaktipath he had done to me in 1996 in my room at midnight and we discussed the "swayambhu" divine light experience of Sat-Chit-Anand, divine existence, peace, love, conscious-awareness, bliss-joy.

This experience had made me to take up research in the swayambhu and satchidanand. I discovered that Guru Nanak explained this in his loolmantra as "saibhang" and Buddha referred to this to Maitrei who had established the swayambhu stupa by draining out the water from the Kathmandu valley in Nepal. I also studied the scientific work of Einstein on cosmology and discovered the scientific concept in the theory which he postulated as the "cosmological constant" of this universal phenomenon and its equation which is used in the quantum theory. I also discovered the "absolute horizon" concept of Nobel prize winner Subrahmanyan Chandrashekar in his study of the black hole phenomema in the universe along with the creation of stars and collapse of stars. Both these concepts lead to not only universe but multi-verses phenomena which are in line with with vedic thought of 10,000 realms or 3000 realms of existence plains in buddhistic thought. Einstein has clearly said that for an expanding universe the cosmological constant is required which never changes as it is the fulcrum substratum on which the wheel of the universe rotates and changes continuously.

This is is the "swayambhu" of Mahatma Hans Raj ji, other saints and mystics and which is present throughout the universe and in each and every individual but as superconductivity permeation. In that way it sustains all change in nature. Even in the Gita Lord Krisna has stated the two levels of his existential phenomena, one the lower which is the ever changing natural phenomena which is supported on the unchanging , unborn, eternal phenomena. Thus the swayambu satchidanand principle of saints and the cosmological constant of scientific physicists is one and the same. This is the meeting point for atheists, scientists and mystic saints. In the case of saints they can grant you the experience of swayanbhu satchidanand, the cosmological constant, whereas in the scientists case it is a derived mental observation and hypothesis of the universe, they cannot grant you the experience of the cosmological constant, absolute horizon— the swayambhu satchidanand.

I give below once again the experience granted to me by Sacha Baba Mahatma Hansrajji in 1996 through his divine light swayambhu satchidanand body in 1996 in English:
When the guru's grace dawns
The breath and mind stop
Bindu(reddness) and sunyatha (spaceless-space) occur
and then the being of light swayambhu occurs
flashing forth in all its divine glory throughout in consciousness-awareness and embracing all in divine love.

The swayambhu divine light says that
"I am a circle without a circumference whose centre is everywhere, and if you try to find my centre with the ego-centric mind then I am apparently nowhere, yet I am everywhere", hence the need to give up ego centric thinking and to surrender totally in heart and mind — as Sacha Baba says he /she who surrenders onto me, to him/her do I do yogshem (draw in and protect).

The entry of the divine swayambhu light in one’s being is portionate to The amount or extent of surrender in heart and mind.

Thus the following Gita sayings as received by my soul from gurudev's swayambhic soul are:
1. Thou art unborn, eternal and never are you born and thus you never die.
2.He/she who surrenders to me (Sacha Baba), him/her I draw in and protect — yogshem.
3.He /she who gives up his/her heart and mind to me comes to abide and rest in me (Sacha Baba's satchidanand swayambhuic state or soul)
4.Leave all the other ways and means you have heard of, just seek my shelter and protection and I will free you from all your sufferings, struggles, tribulations both physical and mental, I will bestow on you moksha, spiritual freedom, do not fear.

The swayambhic divine light of Sacha Baba Hansrajji says: "Never was there a time when I was not, never will there be a time when I will not be, many a time comes when even time is not (in total withdrawal of universal phenomena), yet I am forever."

When staying in Jageshwar, Matkanya I came out of my room at 2 a.m. at night and stood in the garden with the clear bright moonshine shining on me, I looked up to the heavenly stars shining down on me, and in the stillness of that divine moment Sacha Baba Mahatma Hansrajji manifested through the moonlight and permeated my whole being in a superconductive way.

Jai Guru Dev!

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