Thursday, 20 October 2011

Gurupurnima 2011

Summary of Maharajji's speech, July 15th

My people!

I have just one thing to say, it is necessary to bring God into your life. He is the only doer. Whatever effort you make, the Guru wants you to do it for Paramatman [cosmic Spirit, God]. You must understand. You should follow your own path. He will show you the way. The time today is such that it is like a dark, moonless night.

Now Parivartan [the spiritual rise in consciousness] is taking place. Remember, in the Sacha lineage after me, there will be two more Avatars in the future [Maharajji has not said exactly when in the future these Avatars will come. Is it just after him or later on, we do not know]. Then the Parivartan will be entirely fulfilled. How much of the world will remain, how many of the people will be wiped out from this world? All those who remain will be those who are devoted to Paramatman. What I am saying applies not just to India, but to the entire world.

This Kali Yuga is very simple, if only you chant "RAM RAM", the Name of God, you will be able to go through it easily. All sins of past, present and future lifetimes will be wiped away. But we don’t give priority to Paramatman. Whoever comes to me tells me, “I have this problem, that problem etc.”. Hardly anybody uptil today has come to ask for Paramatman. Whatever they ask for, I always pray for it; but the samsara [the almost endless cycle of rebirth and death till man attains liberation] keeps on expanding.

No one has managed to control this world and no one will, because whatever one’s actions are, that very fruit he will reap. If there are four brothers in a house, then the karma of each will be different. Even if all four live together lovingly and eat together, still the karma of all four is different. But if all four chant the Name of Paramatman even for an hour [a day], then their sins will be wiped away and they’ll attain moksha [liberation]. reaping in that way the fruit of that spiritual practice. But people want only samsara, and they go deeper into it, thus accumulating “dust” for many lifetimes.

We should at least think about where we are going and for what we are going. After a short time [of sadhana] people go off the path, because they have no wisdom.

Later Satya Yuga (the era of wisdom) will come. The world will keep on its flow. However today if by misfortune someone does not chant The Name of God, then he also will have to leave this world [because he will not be in harmony with the Divine Energies which are coming down on earth in this Parivartan cycle]. Human life is itself a chance. And there is no second chance.

Follow your religion seriously. The major religions, for example, all have different paths, but all lead to God. And all those who practise these religions sincerely attain union with God, whatever their social class.

In India there are many Gurus, you can easily choose one. If you don´t find Paramatman with one, you can find Him with someone else. And whether you find a Guru or not, follow the one in whom you have faith.

You should give up everything for 1-2 hours daily and chant the Name of Paramatman. If it becomes a habit then you will start doing it lovingly later on. You will grow love in your Heart for Paramatman.

Wake Up!

You should wake up early in the morning and chant the Name of Paramatman for 1-2 hours. And the rest of the time you can eat, sleep and work hard. The circle of maya (illusion) is weak in the beginning but later it grows hard like iron [if you don't have a steady spiritual practice]. It won´t break. If you tell an old man to say “RAM RAM”, he’ll say “go and tell someone else” [if he has been used to living without steady spiritual practice].

Time is passing, the sun will rise and set, it will do its work. The higher powers will continue doing their work whether we reach the goal or not. Therefore I won’t say much, I just say that you should devote some time to Paramatman, Whoever your Paramatman is, with form or without. Some people have faith in Allah. If they have faith by heart, when they rise up spiritually, there is then no distinction [between these devotees and those of other religions who also rise up spiritually]. Paramatman of all religions and people is One only. All people have similar organs. God has given to everyone intellect and strength.

Although I speak and speak [year after year], people still don’t understand. Therefore they get all kind of sorrows. So devote 1-2 hours daily [to avoid these trials and sorrows in your life]. In the morning after having a bath, or without a bath, sit and chant God’s Name. Usually people have a bath and then go to their shop. They [only] keep the shop in their mind.

It is up to you, nobody is forcing you . Whether you like or not, just sit. After a while or after two days you'll start liking it. Slowly slowly you will leave samsara behind. [Maharajji never forces anybody; he only gives wise guidance and let people freely follow it or not]

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