Tuesday, 5 August 2008

The Earth Has a Good Future

Maharajji ’s Gurupurnima Message (summary), 18th July 2008

Dear souls,

Harmonize Yourselves With This Transformation
This is now the time of divine transformation, the awakening of consciousness on Earth. This is destined to happen, for it is the next step in the evolution of humanity on this planet.

May Sacha bless you with enlightenment. Today we are here to celebrate Gurupuja [religious celebration in honour of the Guru] so that we will connect our hearts with the Guru. In celebrating this puja, we will pray that the Guru will hear our prayer and fill our hearts with peace, honesty and love for all.
Harmonize yourselves with this transformation, remember me and connect yourselves strongly. So when maya wants you to repeat the karmic mistakes of humanity, this connection will save you and open you up so you become one with me. Then you will become free of the ego, the human demon.

Bhai Kanhaiya
I will give you an example from life of a very loving human being and his Guru.
Once there was an Indian who was both a ruler and a Guru. His name was Gobind Singh. At that time he was fighting Mogul people in a big war. He had a close devotee, Bhai Kanhaiya who was asked to go to the battle field and give water to the warriors. So he went out, and started give water to both Indian and Muslim warriors (Moguls were Muslims). At this, the people became very angry and ran to the Guru to complain about his conduct. Bhai Kanhaiya was sent to Guru Gobind Singh, who asked him to explain this behaviour.
Bhai Kanhaiya told him,
“Beloved Guru, I can’t see any difference between Indian and Muslim warriors; I only see Guru Gobind Singh.”
The Guru looked at his devotee and replied,
“I’m very pleased with you, Bhai Kanhaiya.”

My Guru Opened my Spiritual Eye
Look at my life. I was a simple clerk and I surrendered my life to my Guru, and that principle has always brought everything which was needed to the ashram and to the people living here. And much is needed to have an ashram. People always come here and support the ashram for a long time. For five years I have not left the ashram to ask anybody for anything. My Guru opened my spiritual eyes so that I could help humanity in this life.

Get Ignorance out of Your Heart
All I ask of you is to get ignorance out of your heart and become good devotees of Sacha. Follow the custom of dharma.
You Indian people have to change your opinions about Western people. They come here to India and have faith in the Vedas and puja; they worship and practise the dharma sincerely. You want to live in very modern style, giving up your spiritual practice, and that is not good. You should have faith in your religion. If you are fond of a worldly life, then maybe you will have to experience some of the destruction taking place. This will destroy all your plans.

The Lord will Always Remember You
In these days many people suffer from all kinds of diseases like cancer, tuberculosis, aids diabetes, high blood pressure etc. If you want to live a high life, sacrifice one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening for meditation, kirtan (devotional songs), havan (fire ceremony) or some kind of spiritual practice. This will be helpful for all.
It is important to see kindness in others and to be kind to one another. The best thing to do is to donate to people who are in need. Give food, clothing, donate money or do whatever you can for people who suffer in life. You will see that the Lord will always remember you and bless you.

Be honest in all aspects of life, especially those who are doing sadhana. Suffering will come when this has not been acquired as a living principle of life. You can realize this divine leela. You can also do this “Prabhu Aap Jago Paramatma Jago” mantra for your benefit and also for the world’s.

The Time to Reconnect With Me
The Earth has a good future. Are you ready to join this transformation?
Always remember God within and you will always have what you need. Guru Purnima is the time to reconnect with me.


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