Thursday, 24 April 2008

A Book on Maharajji and the Lineage Published

A book has just been published in English about Maharajji and the Sacha lineage. Its title is :
Shri Hans Raj Maharajji and the Dawn of a New Consciousness

The Contents
This book of 365 pages is divided into five main sections as follows:
Section 1 : Maharajji’s leelas or how Maharajji intervenes, sometimes in an extraordinary way in the lives of his disciples.
Section 2 : How certain men and women became his disciples.
Section 3 : A sketch of the life and work of the past Masters of the Sacha lineage with some unpublished anecdotes about Kacha Baba, Sacha Baba Girnari also known as Girnari Baba and finally Sacha Baba Kulanandji, Maharajji’s Master.
Section 4 : A sketch of the life and work of Maharajji. This section includes the heart of his message to humanity for Maharajji works above all for the entire humanity. We follow him through his childhood up to the time he dedicates himself to the Universal Good, where his life takes a radical turn one October day in 1955. He had gone to be healed of a chronic illness which was sapping his life. God asked him to heal the entire humanity ...
Section 5 : ShantiMayi, her meeting Maharajji, the circumstances of her enlightenment, the work she has undertaken since then and how some of her disciples came to her.

Back Cover
What does the back cover of the book say ?
“One day, when I was forty-one years old I went to bed at home as usual. I laid down, relaxed with my eyes closed and suddenly a picture appeared in my third eye. I had never seen anything like this before. A very peaceful man with very strong, pure love appeared. He smiled in a heartfelt way and looked directly into my eyes. He was sitting on a chair, dressed in white and had a long beard. I could see his upper body. After that, I woke up. I was very touched and wondered who this man was and what it meant,” says Monika from Switzerland.
Later on, she did indeed meet Maharajji during a trip to India and became his disciple like many others from the five continents...

“Maharajji” is the title that his disciples have given to the great saint Shri Hans Raj who lives in Rishikesh in India. He became enlightened in 1955, on the very next day after meeting his Master in Allahabad. He is the latest successor in a line of great saints which was started at the beginning of the 20th century with the aim of leading the entire humanity in the great adventure — that of the spiritual Transformation or Parivartan which started off then and which is progressively unfolding decade after decade. This great Transformation, will be the means to overcome the upheavals in all fields of human life, and so bring more light, brotherhood and peace to all men if they seize the chance given. With total abnegation and a heart which encompasses each being, Maharajji works night and day for this task so that each human being on this planet, whatever he may be, will find true happiness.
In this book we will see Maharajji with his disciples through engrossing stories, and also a sketch of his life and work along with that of other Masters of the Sacha lineage.

How to order
This book will be available within a month in Europe for 18€. You can order on the following websites, given in alphabetic order :
It will also be sold in Australia, the United States ( and at Terre de Sacha in France (
A website which is being created in France will also be offering it for sale.
This list will therefore be completed later.

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