Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Sacha Baba Hans Raj Maharajji, the Embodiment of Love

                                                Sacha Baba Maharajji

Through love for humanity, Sacha Baba Maharajji worked for for many long years assisting humanity in bringing about a rise in the consciousness of man more rapidly in a peaceful, harmonious way, for otherwise the transition period would cause a lot of suffering : “My main work is in the Universal Soul for the good of humanity,” he said in the 1980s. 

Fourth Avatar in the lineage of Sacha Masters for the present cycle of work, he led the spiritual work of helping humanity to not only improve day to day living conditions (finding food and material necessities etc.) but also to reach a higher level of consciousness so as to be in harmony with the new energies coming onto the planet. Indeed, in order to survive in the new spiritual environment, our being has to learn to adapt to the new era.

Some extracts from his speeches to this effect :
This is now the time of Divine Transformation, the awakening of consciousness on Earth. This is destined to happen, for it is the next step in the evolution of humanity on this planet.” “Harmonize yourselves with this transformation.” [8th July 2008] “ For these last thirty years, I have constantly been advising you to pray to God for at least an hour a day. My mission has nothing to do with any religion at all. It mainly consists in turning humanity to God, for that is the ultimate aim in life.” [21st July 2005]
We have to bring about the change in ourselves first, and then this change will have an effect on others also.” [2003]
You have to do some sadhana (spiritual practice). Each religion has its own form of sadhana, but all these sadhanas lead to one spiritual ground. So you may follow any sadhana you like, but above all do it with your heart.” [Christmas 1999] “The heart is one. Love is God. Love is the heart.” “If you always contemplate the Guru and connect heart to heart, then the change in you or anybody else can take place, through the heart. But if you do not connect from the heart, it is not possible to get this rise in consciousness by connecting through the mind, the intellect. You will not be able to bring about the Change, the Parivartan in yourselves or in anybody.” [2003]
While Sacha Baba Maharajji continues his assistance to humanity from the higher plains, the Masters and disciples of the Sacha lineage, each to his capacity, also continue helping humanity so that we may reach the goal.

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