Monday, 12 April 2010

What’s the Situation Today?

A big hello to you, our dear friends, brothers and sisters,

It has been over a year since we last published an article on this Blog. However, this is not because there was nothing to speak about, for during the past year, there have been celebrations like Guru Purnima, Prakash Diwash, Navaratri, Holi, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Basant Panchami and others like Holi a short time ago. All these festivals have one thing in common, and that is the victory of light over darkness.

A Major Turning Point in Humanity’s Life
On all these occasions, or practically all, our beloved Master Maharajji encouraged us, his disciples to show ourselves worthy of what God and the Masters expect of us in this particular period of humanity's life, which is a period of transition: this concerns the opportunity for all men to henceforth adopt a spiritual path and progressively turn away from materialism which has ruled humanity up till now. It is the Parivartan or the Transformation of hearts and consciousness.

The Heart, a Gateway to Everything Possible
Maharajji says that the aim of Man is to acquire divine Light. According to him, Man can succeed in doing so by relying on his heart and living according to its inspiration. He often says that everyone has a heart, the heart is the seat of Love and that Love is God. If Man lives through his heart and not following the commands of his purely terrestrial desires, to put it mildly, he will then find the divinity which lies within and will attain transcendence, perfection.

There is nothing as authentic, beautiful and simple as living through one’s heart. This causes a multitude of qualities to blossom out in a human being, and these qualities vie with one another in beauty — Love, being the highest of them all. To follow this path is to make the arid desert green, to bring invigorating warmth in winter, to give life to faded flowers, to bring the dead back to life. The path of the heart leads to the accomplishment and acquisition of the famous Chintamani stone which transforms life into what is even better than a fairytale. Above all, this path leads you to the very Heart of God, the centre of all the possibilities from which you can dry the tears of your human brothers and sisters, heal their illnesses and bestow joy and immortality on them.

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