Friday, 25 January 2008

Maharajji's Christmas Day Message 2007

My souls,

All Saints are like the sun. The sun never finds that this water is dirty, and that that water is pure, or that this place is dirty, and that place is cleaner, it never thinks so [It therefore shines everywhere]. So every Saint gives the same message; whether it be Christ, Krishna or Guru Nanak, the message is the same : “Love is God. Love one another.” However certain religious people create differences, otherwise there is no difference between saints. You worship Christ, I worship Krishna, others Vishnu or Guru Nanak, etc. They all give the same message : Love. And Love is God. Remember Rama and Krishna, they had the same love.

When Christ was being crucified on the cross, he told his disciples that they should love the people who were crucifying him in the same way as they loved him. He never thought that since they were crucifying him they were his enemies, but rather that he was one with them. The sun and saints are the same. The sun never sees that the place where it goes is dirty or clean. In the same way, Saints never think that this person is “like that” so they will not give him love, and that others are righteous so they will give them more love. NO. Love is equal. It is the same love for all men, whether they be “righteous” or “unrighteous”. Indeed, everybody is entitled to become realized, and the message of realization is the same.

So I pray to God that He will make us forget our differences and that all will get Love and give it to to the whole world so that there will be no differences in religions. All religions go to God, and God is one. God is in every heart. The heart is one; Love is one, and Love is God. Rama says “Love is God.” Krishna says “Love is God.” Christ says “Love is God.” Nanak says “Love is God.” Love with your heart. When one works, it is done mentally and intellectually, not with the heart. When one loves with one’s heart, one loves everybody equally. The heart makes no differences. The heart is one, and it is universal. Why am I the same as you? I am the same since my heart is within all of you, you are all one heart, so I think all of you are my heart. And the heart is one. Love is heart.

I pray to Christ, I pray to Krishna, I pray to Rama, I pray to Guru Nanak who all give us the same message, so that throughout the world there will be peace, love and wisdom; in this way every body here will love one another and become an example for the world. And for everybody in Sacha Dham I want things here to become such that all religions will live together in love, through their hearts, not with their intellect. And I pray again and again and again to Christ for him to give me Love so that I can give it to all of you.
This is my message.

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