Thursday, 16 August 2007

The New Car (Aurora, Germany)

Maharajji has done many things for my family and I, and I am very grateful to him for this. One day, I had a car accident, and the insurance company said that I was not to repair my car because it was almost ten years old. This was a big problem for me, because I lived very far from the place where I worked, and I needed a car to get there. What was I to do? My husband was unemployed and my salary alone was not enough to buy a new one. We therefore decided to ask Maharajji to help us, although I was a bit reticent since he had already helped us a lot and I did not want to bother him again. However Maharajji accepted and said that I would be able to buy a new car.

Encouraged by his promise, I went to choose a suitable one. Having done so, there was now the problem of paying. I consulted two banks for a loan, but they needed my husband’s payslip as well as mine and so I was not able to get one. Fortunately the concessionaire had his own bank, so I applied there for a loan. While discussing the terms, I kept on hoping not to be told to bring in my husband’s pay slip along with mine for the loan, but fortunately only mine was asked for. I was offered 10,000€, the sum I needed to buy the car. I was relieved, and felt deep gratitude towards Maharajji for what he had done.

Although I was surprised to get such a big loan with only my salary, this surprise wore off very quickly, for I knew that with Maharajji’s help anything is easy. However, about six months later, I needed a small loan of 2,000€. When I applied to a bank for it, I was told that I would need both my husband’s pay slip and mine. Not being able to give my husband’s, I tried other banks, but was given the same answer, and so I had to give up.

I fully realized then that it was indeed a miracle to have been able to borrow 10,000€ alone since I was systematically refused 2,000€ everywhere with just my salary. Maharajji had been so simple about it, no fuss, no problem. I must say that I had had such deep faith in Maharajji, that I had not doubted his words and everything had seemed so natural. With him, even miracles come so naturally.


maria said...

I need to contact Maharajji. Can you give me a mail or so for that?

Janardan said...

Dear Maria,
I am sorry but Maharajji is very busy and generally does not write letters.
If you want really to contact him, the best way is to go to Rishikesh.

There you can see him openly.
Or if you cannot go there, you pray to him and he will hear your prayers and give an answer by spiritual means. Maharajji being a Mahatma, he is omniscient.