Thursday, 26 July 2007

A Summary of the Present Task

As we have seen, according to Maharajji and the Masters of the Sacha lineage, a great cycle is starting off at the present moment, and will progressively bring light to the world. From now on, each person must turn his consciousness towards God in order to be in harmony with the powerful vibrations and energies of this cycle. Turning towards God does not at all mean retiring to monastic and religious orders as formerly. Turning towards God today means making God the centre of one’s life by devoting to Him even a minimum of one hour a day in prayer, meditation or any other valid spiritual practice. But along with this spiritual practice, one must have a loving heart, be tolerant, open to others, concerned about the Common Good. At the same time, one must live a normal family life, carry out one’s professional activities, thus serving society to the best of one’s ability.

A Great Adventure
It is not simple to follow such a discipline, especially in the beginning, for each of us has already acquired so many habits in life that it is difficult to change them. However, whoever wants to achieve such results always does everything in his power to succeed. Each person, when he is motivated enough, always manages to move mountains. Why wouldn’t he succeed in the greatest adventure in his life called the “quest for the Divinity within”? This is the first reason for his coming into the world, it must never be forgotten. Maharajji does not invite anyone to adopt a particular religion. He rather teaches a technique of yoga, an inner attitude based on the heart to find the God within each of us, who is the reflection of the universal God. Maharajji always stresses the importance of the heart, which could be summarized thus : live with your heart, see others with your heart, do everything with your heart, for the heart is the centre of love in man and love is God.

Be Courageous
Much courage is needed to take this step. But is there anything in this world which is of great worth and for which courage and hard personal work are not necessary? Many people remember Lord Jesus Christ’s parable of the hidden treasure in the Gospels when speaking about the Kingdom of God, a symbolical name for the state acquired by those who have attained spiritual realization.
“The kingdom of heaven is like what happens when someone finds a treasure hidden in a field and buries it again. A person like that is happy and goes and sells everything in order to buy that field.” (Matthew 13:44)
This is exactly, almost word for word what Lord Krishna states in the Bhagavad Gita. (6:22 – 23)
“After Self-Realization, one does not regard any other gain superior to it. Established in this state, one is not moved even by the greatest calamity.”
“The (state of) severance of union with sorrow is known by the name of yoga. This yoga should be practised with firm determination and perseverance, without any mental reservation or doubts."

What Prometheus Accomplished
Naturally, a wise person does not take this path to the Kingdom of God to enjoy eternal beatitude, for that would be selfish behaviour, although not of a low type. Each human being is potentially a Prometheus, the Greek Titan who stole divine fire to give men, although it was a great sacrifice for him. Consequently, a kind-hearted person with a sense of duty takes the path of realizing the Divinity especially because it is necessary to help suffering humanity, show men in a practical manner and step by step the way to peace and endless freedom without hindrance. That is why all true Masters sacrifice themselves. They remain among men to serve them although they do not have anything to learn here. Joy, happiness and divine blessings are only flowers found on the way, but they are not the goal. So with steadfast determination, let us take the path leading to the conquest of our eternity and immortality. In doing so, we will become an agent of the Divinity for the good of all beings who are, in fact ourselves, in spite of how things may appear because of maya (illusion).

A World-wide Chain of Pilgrims
It is marvellous that from now on, this quest for the Divinity within is an adventure which is both collective and individual, in that the entire humanity is involved in it, even though today everybody is not aware of it. But progressively, as the years go by, circumstances will be created and each person will become consciously involved. We will be even stronger if we hold one another’s hands to go up the path together, and lean on one another !

May Maharajji’s peace shine in our hearts and in all our being !

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